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Carte Blanche & Bare Butt Butlers expose Copy Cat Con Man.

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The Carte Blanche Show titled Stripper Scam was broadcast on February 4th 2013.


Summary of what was seen in the show…


Mr Paulo Barrote was exposed for his dishonest business conduct.
He runs the web sites ExoticDancers and StripSa and advertises dancers that do not work for him, some of which aren’t even in the country. Using a diffrent name to appear as a booking agent, He takes deposits from people to book a selected dancer. On the night of the event, people will then receive a dance from Paulo himself or, in allot of cases no one at all!
Often then Paulo will refuse your calls and refuse to refund.


Paulo was a dancer on Bachelorette.co.za and once we realized he was unreliable we stopped booking him or his associates. This angered Paulo, leading him to threaten to poach our Bare Butt Butlers and copy the concept and the name to create confusion in the market place. If ladies book his “Bare Bum Barmen” often no one will arrive and he hopes the bad reputation, he is creating, will hurt our good reputation. He has received legal notice for the Trademark infringement and he responded by removing the content and then adding it again at a later date.


The Carte Blanche show proved his business module, as he was caught using alternate names, advertising dancers that aren’t available and sending himself in place of the requested dancer. The show also broadcast screenshots from his copy cat web site Bare Bum Barmen. Paulo closed down the Bare Bum Barmen web site, after the show aired and another legal notice from our attorneys was sent to him. He is ┬ástill infringing on our good name on his ExoticDancers web site and his other site StripSa.

Please beware and warn other about this.

Below are screenshots of the TV program highlighting Exoticdancers web site, see the featured Bare Butt Butler copy.


barmancopy Devi exoticdancersConMan exoticdancersweb1 Paulohiddencamera websitecopy