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The Legal Times Article featuring Bare Butt Butlers Intellectual Property and Copyrights.

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An Intellectual Property Associate of The Times newspaper saw the Carte Blanche show which exposed Paulo Barrote for trying to Pass-Off as Bare Butt Butlers. The article covers the legal aspects of protecting a Trademarked Brand name and Copyright infringement with Malicious intent. Please beware of copy cats and con artists.  Paulo who operates from two web sites: Stripsa. and Exoticdancers, offers “Bare Bum Barmen”. This is Trademark Infringement and what’s worse, he will accept payment and often doesn’t send the service, thereby destroying a special night for a Bride to Be or Birthday Girl, and then refuses to refund.  He uses other names to conduct business as seen in the Carte Blanche show where he was filmed making promises using the name Mark, Paulo, Barry is another name he uses to answer calls.

We have had our Attoneys deliver legal notice to this shady individual ,who then removes the infringing content, only to re-post it later. As he did after the exposing TV show. The afore- mentioned sites went down for a short period and then went live again, so he is back up to his old tricks.

Be sure to recommend us to your friends and make sure they don’t get confused.

Legal Times Article