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Do the Butlers bring trays?

  • No. There was a time the Butlers were given trays but after a few parties, the trays were lost for good and it was an endless drama to replace or retrieve missing trays. Most Households have trays thereby simplifying things all round.


Can the Butlers mix cocktails?

  • The Butlers are not trained Mixologists but can pour basic cocktails, if provided with the ingredients. It is best to have a pre mixed batch of drinks or easy to pour drinks so you don’t waste a cute Butt hidden behind the bar!


Is tipping allowed?

  • Yes! And the Butlers would be very grateful but by no means is it expected and any Butler requesting Tips must be reported to the office.


Can the Butlers wear hot pants or trousers?

  • Yes. This is suitable if the party is in a public area that may not permit a Bare Butt on display.For parties hosted in a private venue, it would be silly to hide the cute Butts that make a Bare Butt Butler what he is. Don’t worry about your Granny; in our experience the older ladies absolutely love it! It’s been a few years since they’ve seen a cute bum up close!


Can we choose our Butlers?

  • The short answer is -No. This will create a Logistical problem and we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.We hire new Butlers on an on-going basis so to provide pictures would be challenging and assuming the selected Butlers are in your area and available on the night you requested is tricky. We send Butlers out according to area and availability. You are welcome to mention your preferences in the comments section of your booking form and we will see what we can do, in terms of hair length, race, height or build etc.


Can you send photos of the Butlers we will get?

  • As mentioned above this is not possible and depending on how many bookings come in sometimes Butlers are switched around to make it easier to travel between parties etc.


Are the Butlers allowed to drink alcohol?

  • Butlers should not be given or be expected to consume alcohol as they will be driving and may not drink and drive. If any Butler is helping himself to alcohol at a party please report it to the office and the Butler will be dismissed, as it is against the code of conduct.


What if we decide we want the Butlers to stay longer on the night?

  • Provided the Butlers are not booked for another function directly after yours and are available. You simply sms 082 217 1267 stating that you agree to extend the booking by an extra hour or two and will pay the office on Monday. Under no circumstances may the Butlers receive cash on the night for extending the booking time.


We only need one Butler; do we have to take two?

  • Butlers are like book ends and look better in pairs. They are more comfortable working in pairs and we require a minimum booking of 2 Butlers for 2 Hours to make it worthwhile for all involved.


Do the Butlers play party games?

  • Yes, if you have some games set up and explain what you need the guys to do they will happily, oblige. Butlers do not arrive with any game materials and these can be purchased on our online party shop, found on our main web site www.bachelorette.co.za


What else do the Butlers do?

  • The Butlers will greet guests as they arrive at the door, serve welcome drinks, circulate with snack platters, pour shooters and drinks, Pose for photos, pass the Bride her gifts, assist with the party games and bring a smile to all present.


Can we hire Bare Butt Butlers in winter?

  • Yes, but please consider that blue, shivering Butlers will not look great and switch on the heaters and host the party indoors.


Why is there a travel fee charged and how much is it?

  • With the high price of fuel we need to make provision for this expense. The Butlers in your area, are sometimes fully booked and we will need to send butlers from further away or they are in transit from a party on the other side of town. A general fee is charged according to the area your party will be. This travel fee will fall between R150 and R350, but will be more accurately calculated once we have received the venue address. There are some outer laying areas that Butlers do not service. Butlers have been to Witbank and Hartebessport at a special travel fee charged to account for all the time spent in transit.


Can we have the Butlers at a Public Venue?

  • Yes, provided that you have permission from the owner of the establishment and a private function room, where children or general public are not surprised by a bare butt.